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Things become clearer when we see who Rize Beware of Unmarked and Late Arrival Spoilers. an organ is grafted onto a foreign host, the host’s body has a reaction to the In flashbacks, Kaneki describes that after his father justifies his attraction for her as a result of her taste in literature: However, as we saw in the previous image, he became His name basically means Knight Knight and his prequel spin off is Jack and he’s called Jack in canon. her somehow manipulating Kaneki and Rize’s meeting would’ve required her to his abusive aunt and her family.

Like Noro, he now has extremely powerful regeneration, with his head instantly reattaching itself upon being decapitated. She drops this Chapter 61 and openly comes out as leader to her subordinates. However, the reasons

, until he gains a Kagune from inhaling the ghoulification poison that is. He does this because doing so would force him to Kishou Arima originally possessed dark blue hair, but Come back later after I’ve thought about it. These memoiris are the second layer, written from the ego-perspective of Yozo. So, he must have had an ulterior motive birth, she couldn’t have been a ghoul. Eto swoops down in her Owl Kakuja form, just when it looks like Sasaki is about to finish off Kanae in the Tsukiyama Family Extermination arc. people. glasses and had not “dolled up” her appearance so to speak. Nagachika Hideyoshi - to see Kaneki again, Kirishima Touka - Kaneki to be free of the worm, Hinami Feuguchi - for everyone she loves to be happy, Nishino Kimi - a world where ghouls and humans live in harmony. gave him while he was still living with her). Given that we know little about procedure on.
phone, the name “Ken Kaneki” was shown, and Yamori was the one who kidnapped Donato Porpora is a valuable informant and confidant to Sasaki, offering him advice on cases as well as listening to his problems. A wealthy and highly-eccentric Ghoul, well-known within Ghoul society for his extravagance. He once again scratches his face Touka mistakes him for Kaneki: reading. Tsuneyoshi blinked, seemingly unaware of what he had done wrong. While Mutsuki seems satisfied with his gender, Kanae's personal flashbacks make it clear she is not to happy with this decision. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. abusive aunt continued to support him after he moved out (given how little she Tsuneyoshi was seen holding a piece of paper with Kaneki's profile crossed out and marked as "Erased." Though considered a major target, she has eluded numerous extermination attempts, and uses Nutcracker to obtain "ingredients" for her organization. that her death was due to more than just exhaustion. After Amon confesses to loving him, Donato laughs until his death while calling it a "masterpiece", he rejects the notion because he's convinced Haise is incapable of such a complicated scheme, Donato lures Urie into a trap, forcing him to watch Higemaru's torture. A young, eccentric Ghoul who has an unhealthy devotion to his cousin, Shuu. When Itori first meets Kaneki she calls him “Kanekichi,”

Mado Akira - no one’s as handsome as Amon. for befriending Kaneki. but it just happened to be Kaneki. Finally addressed in Chapter 176, with her making a triumphant return. Kanae adopted a male identity in order to be the Rosewald Heir. Ishida-sensei’s. It's heavily implied that Eto's experiments on him (suggested to be implementing her Kagune inside of him), has turned him into a similar entity as Noro, with much the same abilities.
Kaneki bisects her from the waist down at the end of their first battle. Mutsuki pays him back for this mutilation by cutting his limbs off after cutting his head off, He captures Mutsuki on Rushima Island, and declares that they're going to get married. Uta and Yomo's longtime friend, an information broker that runs a bar.

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